We are first and foremost storytellers.

We understand the type of compelling pieces that reporters and influencers are seeking, and we have become their trusted and valued source thanks to an impeccable relationship that spans many years.

Our media training experts have decades of TV News, Online and Print journalism experience and can prepare company officials and spokespersons to deliver key messages in a clear, concise and effective manner, as well as manage difficult questions.

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Today’s consumer seeks brands that demonstrate real commitment.

At Santa Cruz Communications, we create and execute successful and relevant programs that help companies communicate what they stand for, developing shared value initiatives to enhance a client’s corporate image.

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We develop relevant and original content that allows companies to connect with their audiences directly via social media, utilizing the latest digital and social media platforms for maximum visibility and engagement.

Furthermore, we identify the influencers that have the greatest impact on your business, and we work to create branded yet engaging events or content that can seamlessly weave into their platforms, taking into account their personal relationship with their respective audience.

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Our award-winning team has worked over 35 internationally televised live events, and dozens of press conferences, client receptions, press junkets, influencer events, concerts, and more. And when it comes to red carpet events, we own them.
Our innovative approach has set a high bar in the development of PR event strategies and tactics that others follow, garnering us a reputation for flawless execution that results in great impact and awareness, and most importantly ROI.

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A content strategy that includes an integrated approach to secure owned, social and earned media is key to inform, inspire, persuade and educate a target audience. At SCC, we craft fresh, compelling and shareable content that helps clients stay current and relevant in a variety of formats, whether its press materials, social media posts, website copy, blogs, By-line and Op-Ed articles, brochures, newsletters, or speeches, we develop original material that can capture the attention of key audiences.

We understand the art of visual communication. We know that captivating designs are a critical component of content marketing, and we create images with character and relevance, which helps to spread the message far and wide. Our design specialists create concept-driven material that suits the client’s visual identity, and ensures the messages we disseminate resonate with your target audiences.

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We exceed our clients’ expectations

We have vast experience working with brands from a wide variety of industries

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